Aromatherapy oil massage for woman by japanese male aromatherapist.

Do you know that japanese male aromatherapist have very sensitive techinique in aromatherapy massage ?  Warm hands of our male therapist will heal  your body and mind deeply. Our aromatherapists are well trained and experienced.  Our high quality aromatherapy massage has been gained favor with many female clients for more than 10 years.

Why is the body treatment by a male aromatherapist comfortable ?  There are two clear reasons  derived from anatomy-like differences between women and men, such as;

  1. Male hands are bigger than female hands.
  2. Male hands  are warmer than FEMALwoman.

According to medical statistical data, male hand is bigger than femail hand of the same height. That is why clients feel like being held by big hands by male therapist during massage.

Also you may have experienced to feel the warmth of  male hands. It is true. The man is more muscular than woman. Although the fat is cold, muscle is exothermic. That is why male hands is warmer.

You may try our comfortable aromatherapy massage by male therapist in Tokyo and Yokohama. As for Chiba, Yokosuka, Zama and Kanagawaother, our servise is available by a day.